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Welcome to
Heart of
Gold Canine

​Do you have a good dog, but...

  • You are frustrated because they are chewing on your things, mouthing the family, or not asking to go to the bathroom

  • You are embarrassed because they are jumping all over guests, pulling on the leash, or making a scene on your walks?

  • You can't trust them off leash because they won't come when called?You are at the end of your rope with your dog's problematic/dangerous behavior?

"Octayvia is a miracle worker and Lauren is a fantastic addition to her team. They are both kind, patient, and their love for dogs is incredibly apparent. I had no reservations about sending by babies to stay with them after only meeting with them for a few hours. They will truly treat your dog like their own while instilling lifelong obedience. 12/10 would recommended."

Meagan M. | Cora & Wilbur

Previous Issues: No self-control, poor manners, dog reactivity and resource guarding

golden retriever, pug, obedience training, puppy

"Octayvia is an amazing trainer and I highly recommend her! I feel she knows how to train people as well as the pups!!"

golden retriever, dog, dog training

Previous Issues: Crazy puppy with no self-control

Melanie M. | Cricket

"I cannot recommend Heart of Gold highly enough. Our puppy had unique training needs after a long illness, and Octayvia and Lauren went above and beyond to help him adjust to life in the wide world --and he adored them from the second he met them. Their knowledge, compassion, and agility based on the needs of our dog made the whole process safe and fun. The whole HOG community is also really warm and welcoming--pack walks are a must."

Emma B. | Freddie

Previous Issues: Nervous/under socialized puppy, dog reactive, no self-control

king charles, spaniel, obedience training, superman

"We sent our boy Thanos for a 3 week boot camp with Octavia and when he returned, he learned everything she said he would! Prior to his training, he didn't know his own strength, I was unable to leash walk him, and he was very excited when company arrived, which could cause a scene. He now knows his boundaries, is aware of his surroundings, obeys commands, and is overall a happier boy because he can now go everywhere we go! I highly recommend Heart of Gold Canine. It's obvious that Octayvia is doing what she loves, it shows in the results of these dogs."

Tara S. | Thanos 

Previous Issues: Didn't know his size, poor manners, dog reactivity and very shy/nervous

mastiff, obedience training, dog, happy, smile

Are we right for you? 

If you're looking for:

  • the cheapest option around

  • a trainer who gives you just enough information to survive

  • a trainer who spends most of their time talking about the problem instead of solving it... 

We're not that.  ​​

If you're looking for:

  • incredible results

  • top-notch support from trainers who understand what you're dealing with and have an excellent track record for solving problems exactly like yours

  • trainers who can teach you dog behavior and show you what you've been missing... 

You've come to the right place. 


At Heart of Gold Canine we are not in the business of "half-training" a dog. If you are looking to band-aid a problem, big box stores have plenty of training options available.

If you commit to your dog, we commit to you - it's that simple.

When you "join the pack" by signing up with us for a training program, you’re signing up for a resultHeart of Gold Canine training programs are not based on paying for a set number of lessons, or hours of our time. You get what you pay for, and we do offer payment plans for our students.


We are teach with the philosophy of education first, learning the "why" behind your dogs behaviors. Our students are dedicated to bettering themselves, and committed to learning and growing with their dog. Training happens on both ends of the leash!  


Training your dog is an investment: financially, physically and emotionally.

As long as you’re willing to put the time in, we’re with you until you achieve your goals. 


We’re here for you.

We’re here for your dog.

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