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Each dog is unique and learns a little differently, training must accommodate that. We start with an initial consult, and then from there, we cater our training to meet and exceed your goals while staying within budget. 

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Cost based on location & behaviors

The first step for any of our training is to set up a consult. Our initial consult generally runs two hours, but may run longer based on number of dogs and/or behaviors. This first meeting is a combination evaluation and first lesson.

We begin by discussing your goals, concerns, and gathering history on your dog(s). We want to make sure all and any questions are answered by educating and your family on dog behavior, development and training. We want you to feel confident about training and see first hand the possibilities you and your dog can have with us. You will watch a professional work with your dog, and then you and your family will be coached through your first lesson where you will see immediate results. Once your pup(s) have been worked, we conclude by assembling the perfect programs that fit you and your dog(s) unique needs.


All of our programs are individually packaged and priced based on what you and your trainer decide is needed and wanted. You will get detailed options to help you choose

next steps for your dog(s) using one or more of the services below. 

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We work with all breeds, ages and behaviors!


All of our programs include any needed training equipment, follow up lessons and a lifetime commitment. Length and cost vary as each as individually priced and packaged. For our larger programs, most families divide payment. We accept cash, check, CC, ACH and Venmo.

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New Addition Assistance


So you'd like to get a dog - AWESOME! Your best friend on this journey will be information. There is nothing worse than a mismatch in temperament, energy level or grooming requirements. From discussing breeds in detail, to helping you track down a reputable, ethical breeder or rescue, to temperament testing the dog to make sure you get the absolute perfect fit, we are here to help! Be it your first dog, your second, or even third, we are an open book and urge you to reach out with any and all questions - there is no such thing as a "stupid question!"

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Private Lessons


Private lessons are one-on-one, hour long sessions with our trainer. What is covered and where the lesson is held is based on you and your dog! Most programs start at home with field trips to local parks and pet friendly stores as you and your dog progress. We have been everywhere from the groomer to a wedding! We go where you and your dog needs us, including but not limited to: the vet, the groomer, a family/friends house, hiking - and the list goes on!

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Group Classes

$30+/week; 5-7wks avg

Our group classes are an extremely budget friendly way to get start your puppy or get started in obedience. They meet weekly for one hour and are best for individuals that can dedicate time to their dog between classes and every day life - one hour daily minimum.


Group classes are not for everyone, if your dog has any aggression concerns or is very shy, we advise you to work one-on-one with a trainer and will remove you from class for your safety. 

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Resident Training

$1000+/week; 3-4wks 

Our immersion program (a.k.a. resident training, boot camp, or finishing school) is a great option for almost any dog. From getting your puppy on/off leash manners to working though some more serious behavior concerns such as housebreaking, fearful/aggressive behaviors - this program covers all of it! The dog comes and stays in a home environment where everything is very formal, then at the end of their stay we transfer the training to the owner over several lessons.

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Rehabilitation Training

$1,000+/week; 6-8wks

We are a firm believer that there is no such thing as a "bad dog"! This program is for severe behavior concerns such as human aggression, dog aggression, fearful/unsocialized dogs, and resource guarding dogs. We focus on obedience as a means to make your family member safe again. For safety sake, rehabilitation is done strictly in a resident styled format where we are able to safely teach your pup that there are options other than aggression or extreme fear. At the end of their stay we transfer the training to the owner over several lessons. Length and cost vary based on the severity of behaviors. 

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