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Tailored Training, Radiant Results: Heart of Gold Canine, Your Beacon of Canine Excellence

At Heart of Gold Canine Training, our mission is to craft unforgettable moments of connection between dogs and their families. Through expert training grounded in patience and positivity, we aim to shape well-behaved, happy dogs, leaving an indelible mark of golden memories on the journey of companionship. We focus on cultivating a profound connection that goes beyond obedience, teaching a comprehensive understanding of canine behaviors. By fostering clear communication between humans and their furry companions, we aim to create a foundation for a healthy, happy, and lifelong partnership.

Our approach is characterized by personalized and balanced training, utilizing techniques rooted in positive reinforcement. With patience and passion, we strive to mold well-behaved and happy dogs, creating lasting connections that shine with the golden glow of understanding and trust. We firmly reject fear, pain, or intimidation as motivators, prioritizing the well-being and comfort of every canine student. We welcome dogs of all breeds, ages, and behaviors, working with families from diverse backgrounds. As a queer, woman-owned, and operated business, inclusivity is at the core of our values.

Our overarching goal is to help every student—both human and canine—shine. We believe in unlocking the heart of gold within every dog, fostering a harmonious relationship that enriches the lives of both ends of the leash.

Helping you and your canine shine!



Octayvia | Owner

Octayvia's journey began at Wamogo High School, where she participated in the Vo-Ag program and was an active member of the FFA. After graduating, she attended UConn to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine. During her college years, she took on a part-time job as a kennel attendant for a local trainer. This experience introduced her to dog training and behavior, sparking a passion for helping dogs and their families through behavioral modification.

"I was training dogs that veterinarians couldn't help. I thought the only way to help dogs was to become a veterinarian, but I was wrong! I have trained countless dogs on their way to be euthanized due to dangerous behaviors, and by stepping in with a leash and collar I was able to quite literally save their lives." 

In 2017, Octayvia graduated from A Closer Bond School for Dog Trainers with a Master Trainer and Canine Behaviorist certification. In 2018, she returned for continuing education, focusing on service dog training and tracking. In her free time, Octayvia actively volunteers with her dog, Boo, as a therapy dog team and competes in dog sports with her pups. 


"Everyone always asks what I do when I am not training clients dogs - I am training my own! I was taught growing up that if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life, and I can attest that is 100% true."

Lauren | Assistant Trainer

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Lauren began her career as a veterinary technician, specializing in handling military working dogs for the US Army. She met Octayvia in 2017 while attending school and joined HOGC in 2020 after returning from deployment. Originally from Chicago, Lauren relocated to Connecticut to be part of the HOGC team.




Director of Academic Affairs



Public Outreach Coordinator



Director of Canine Engagement



Customer Service Supervisor



Kennel Manager

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