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Group Classes 


Puppy Preschool

This course focuses on teaching healthy social development skills around different people, places, objects and sounds, so your pup will grow up confident about the world and what's in it. It includes an introduction to simple commands that set the foundation for obedience training, an overview of puppy-rearing (housebreaking, mouthing etc…), developmental games to engage in with your pup, important puppy health topics and puppy activities like retrieval and agility round out the course. We will cover any questions about puppy rearing as well as discuss your puppy's future skills that are necessary to raise your puppy to be your dream dog! Class structure allows for open enrollment. For Dogs 20 weeks or younger.


Each rotation includes 6 days of daycare (Tuesday/Thursdays) and three weeks of group class (Saturdays).

3 Week Rotation | $550

8 week class | $500


Body Awareness & Tricks Class

This course focuses on teaching body awareness exercises and some fun tricks to diversify your pup's skill set. Canine fitness exercises are a great way to help your dog live a happier and healthier life, while at the same time strengthening the dog’s behavior, confidence, focus, body awareness, and key muscle groups. Tricks that will be taught include targeting bow, roll over, spin, and several others.

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6 week class | $250

Desensitization Class

This class focuses on handling our fearful and/or reactive dogs. We will be teaching handling needed for safe visits to the vet and groom, as well as educating on fear and aggression to help you better understand your dog. This class is open to the public as well as a great continuing education for our graduates.

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No Cost!

Canine Education Class

Come join us for a free informative hour on dogs! Our goal is to help our local community learn as much as they can before acquiring a puppy so we can help you avoid dangerous and/or unhealthy behaviors as they age. Never owned a dog and need somewhere to start? Had dogs growing up but now it is time for your first adult dog? First family dog? No matter the situation, this is a fun informative class where subject matter varies based on  attendance.

Check Calendar For Dates

6 week class | $300


Therapy Dog Class

From working with children who need help learning to read, to visiting Senior Citizens living in assisted living communities - sharing the love and affection of your dog improves the lives of others in so many more ways than we can begin to comprehend. Join forces with your dog and become a Therapy Dog Team!  


Our course consists of 6 group classes, the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test (alternate: CGCA and/or CGCU) and Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog, Inc’s Therapy Dog Examination.  


While we recommend your dog be off leash trained, we require on leash obedience including: Loose Leash Heel with an Auto Sit, Stay for a minimum of 2 minutes, Down, and Come.  Commands we focus on include: Stand, Legs, 5 minute down stay and Hand targeting. We incorporate some fun tricks into the class as well.


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No Cost For Students

Drop-In Workshop I & II

Workshop I: For our graduate students wanting to polish up their obedience skills and work around distraction. Held Weekly on Wed.

Workshop II: For our graduate students wanting to push their advanced on leash skills and work off leash with heavy distraction. Held Bi-weekly Thurs.

A pack-walk styled class. No cost associated with these classes.

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