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Group Classes 

This page is under construction!


We are finalizing our 2024 class schedule, and it will be available here very shortly. A sneak peek at classes that will be offered:

  • Wednesday Night Workshop

  • Wednesday Night Workshop 2: Advanced Off Leash

  • Try-It! Class: Explore additional training options with your pup! We will cover tricks, nosework, rally and Agility

  • Nosework 1, 2 & 3: Introduction, Building Skills, Competition Readiness and Intro to Tracking

  • Therapy Dog Class

  • Introduction to Agility

  • Introduction to Rally

  • Tricks Class 1 & 2

  • Paint and Place: A relaxed evening of painting, snacking, and your dog holding place!

  • School for Humans: A monthly 90 minute class designed for humans to educate on a variety of topics.

  • Professional Seminars

  • AKC/UKC Events!

... and more! 

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